Swiss Custom Watches will propose white & Swiss made branded smart watches to be used on several useful society needs;
and create an healthy & secure new generation of medical watches.

With our previous experience on research & development on Swiss Watch Industry for private labels;
and now our partnership with the best Swiss Medtech companies,
we want to combine the last sensing technology on smart watches; and propose the new API to several different industries.

Vitruvian Shield and Vitruvian box will be an exclusive, unique and complete Ehealth package for sénior population.

It combines an health monitoring device (Vitruvian Shield)  a biometric watch with an health registre database (Vitruvian box)
developed with blockchain technology to be used as main interface on future transactions with IOT/IOMT and to save lifes.

The project it's now working on the hardware & software optimization and soon more informations will be reveil...

Our Mission....

Connecting Humans and IOT with a new generation of biometric smart watches as main interface.

Exclusive & unique combination of patented softwares with last sensing technology.

A unique business model with a CE certification, white & Swiss Made label to use directly on B2B Market.

 Our prototype:
Prototype video presentation

Swiss Premium Academic partners.

SIB Swiss Institute of bioinformatics

Financial support from Local Economic Affairs & Swiss CTI (Commission for technology & innovation).


Eldercare - Ehealth blockchain - Healthcare - IOMT/IOT - Wellness - Drugs development.


Our crowdfunding at F6S

Our participation at Blockchain Summit 2018 at Zug, Switzerland

Vitruvian Shield are on Top 500 of European Startups for sustainable mobility!!!

127 from 888 innovative digital health startups worldwide!!!

Swiss Custom Watches are now an Alliance member of Solar Impulse Foundation.

Our participation on Mobile-wellbeing sector at Viva Technology 2017 with Valeo Lab in Paris.




Swiss Custom Watches SA

Rue du grenier 22, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds - Switzerland.